Lydiate Abbey and the Conservation Area it sits in – Posting No. 2

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I posted quite recently about damage to the ruins of Lydiate Abbey which could have been an attempt to extract some dressed stone from it. Here is a link back to my original posting:-

The latest on the damage is that after a bit more digging into the situation things seems to be like this.

Sefton’s Council’s Conservation Offer was aware of previous similar damage to the Abbey and was in the process of agreeing a repair process with the Catholic Archdiocese, who are the owners of the site/ruins. If I have understood the position correctly a further inspection of the ruins has now taken place as a consequence of the alarm being raised by Cllr. Edie Pope being contacted by the member of the public as mentioned in my original posting. Further repairs have been identified and and the Archdiocese will be engaging a specialist repair contractor to deal with the damage. I also understand that Sefton Council will pay for the repairs.

Just to clarify some things from my original posting – Sefton Council has an agreement with the Archdiocese about maintenance of the stonework of the ruins but this comes to an end later this year. Indications are that it will not be renewed by Sefton. Lydiate Parish Council is involved in a sub-lease for it to do the grounds maintenance – grass cutting, litter removal etc. It is because of the impending end to this agreement that the Friends of the Abbey (Dave Russell’s voluntary Group) are trying to sort out a new agreement with the Catholic Archdiocese for sustainable management of the ruins and site for the future. It is this later process that is worryingly stuck at present.

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If you would like to know more about Lydiate’s Conservation Area please follow the link below:-

When you reach the page please scroll down until you see Lydiate Hall and Chapel Conservation Area and click on that link.

This quote from the document on Sefton’s web site is sadly quite telling:-

Consolidation of the ruin has taken place during the 20t century; however ongoing vandalism, stone-robbing and the natural process of deterioration mean that the ruin needs careful and consistent management.

The photos above are also amongst my Flickr photos at:-

I hope I now have presented a clearer/fuller picture of this issue but please shout if not.

4 thoughts on “Lydiate Abbey and the Conservation Area it sits in – Posting No. 2

  1. Billy Moss says:

    Any info on the clean up that is being organised by Cllrs mentioned on an earlier post when and who is organising it? Thanks

  2. Ian Neary says:

    Hi Tony,
    I have been interested in the Abbey and its history for a number of years and having recently been a volunteer on an Archeological dig at Lancaster Priory called “Beyond the Castle” as featured on the BBC’s North West Tonight. I am a member of the National Council for Metal Detecting as well as a number of Organised MD Clubs. Has anyone to your knowledge ever carried out a metal detecting survey around the Abbey? Would permission be likely to be granted on the understanding that any dig would be on a formal basis with any finds being reported to the local Finds Liason Officer and the Portable Antiqities Scheme where applicable?
    Kind Regards
    Ian Neary

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