Sefton Council’s Leading Lights do not impress visiting resident to a Council meeting

Below is a letter written to the Champion newspaper by Maghull resident Mal Gore who found a recent visit to a Council meeting hugely disappointing.

Dear Editor

Arriving at the meeting like a drowned rat, due to the torrential rain, I thought they were going to discuss amendments to the Local Plan as outlined by the government inspector but instead we had to endure two hours of behaviour more like that of an infant school playground.

It was evident that, as far as the ruling party is concerned, the complete destruction of Maghull and Lydiate is one huge joke. Most of the time they were actually either congratulating themselves or making cheap jibes at the newly elected independent councillors, who are giving their time to speak and vote on behalf of the people who elected them. I realise that this is a concept alien to the councillors who currently represent us but they should try it sometime.

Each jibe was treated with approval, especially by the ladies in the front row, all that was missing were a few balls of wool, some knitting needles and “Madame la Guillotine”. We were then treated to a maiden speech by a Sudell councillor elected TWO years ago. If ever you need a reason to reduce the number of councillors, then this is it.

This was a night I was ashamed to be a Sefton resident and it made me even more angry when I realised I was paying for all of this through my Council Tax
Malcolm Gore,
Maghull Resident.

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