Switch Island – More accidents


The Liverpool Echo has the story – see link above

I use Switch Island regularly and am always cautious about where the new road joins it as I have seen red light jumpers taking big risks flying across this busy junction. If I have noticed correctly it is traffic leaving the M57 travelling northwards onto the new road that is involved.

But of course there is a wider problem and I have spoken to drivers who say the road markings are not clear or that there is too much information to take in and it is confusing. Take confused, often non-local drivers, with regular commuters in a hurry (some willing to jump red lights) and the mixture is a dangerous one.

My feeling is that the problems can only really be solved with a fly-over so that some traffic is taken out of this hugely complex junction.

Finally, I would add that I have been made aware of drivers who avoid Switch Island these days because they feel it is not a safe place to be. I tend to avoid Switch Island in bad/wet weather due to the antics of speeding and red light jumping drivers.

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