May to be Prime Minister – Excuse me this Brian Rix type farce has gone too far!

I suspect that I am hardly the only person who has watched in utter disbelief the folding farce of British ‘democracy’ in action over recent weeks.

It’s the kind of democracy where the leaders of the Brexit campaign all bugger off almost all at once after they have got what they campaigned for. You could say the leaders have all left the room.

It’s a democracy where we get a new prime minister, in effect, imposed on us. Yes I know it has happened before (Gordon Brown comes to mind) but that does not make repeating the stunt right.

It’s a democracy in utter turmoil since the Brexit vote, where every major party political leader but one (Tim Farron) is either buggering off or is being hacked to death (Jeremy Corbyn) by their own MP’s.

If ever we needed a General Election it must be now. We need a Government with a mandate to deal with the Brexit mess which could take up to 10 years to resolve. We need a Prime Minister we can have even a modicum of faith in who has taken their party through an election campaign and therefore has some legitimacy in the so terribly hard times ahead of us. Oh yes and we need Her Majesty’s Official Opposition to stop it’s own civil war and get on with being an opposition.

Goodness me how did we come to be in the state that we are? This is the kind of situation that Bill Bryson could write an all too funny piece about except that our resident American observer of we British must be almost as stuck for coherent words as we are and the situation is actually beyond farce!

2 thoughts on “May to be Prime Minister – Excuse me this Brian Rix type farce has gone too far!

  1. Phil Holden says:

    Hey Tony – half the people who have become PM since 1900 got the job the way Theresa May has, after the current PM standing down. The list includes Baldwin, Churchill, Callaghan, Major and Brown. Some went on to win General Elections, others didn’t. But it is the way the system works. And if there were to be an election it could be won by a Remain party or grouping. I’m not entirely sure how that gives a mandate to clear up the Brexit mess other than riding roughshod over the referendum result….. though I know many of you would like to just forget it!

  2. Andy Ferns says:

    Noticed that Tories on Sefton Council very quiet on social media for several hours yesterday while the shock set in, they had been backing Leadsom. According to the Twitter feed of ultra conservative parish cllr Pat Gwyther UKIP looking like a welcome home for her and many disgusted tories. Surprise surprise. Tim Farron is the only sane voice in Whitehall at present.

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