Maghull – A danger on the public highway at Treeview Court?

The raised brick planters at Treeview Court shops near Maghull Station look great all planted out and a part of Maghull in Bloom but a close inspection of the condition of the brick walls of the planters is a different matter. Just look at this:-

Treeview Court Planters 07 16 r

This is not a new issue but it is one that gradually gets worse year on year and clearly it is a health and safety matter waiting to become a hazard to pedestrians.

My understanding is that the planters are jointly owned by the private owners of the shops and car park but with Sefton Council having responsibility for the outer face of the planters. I know that sounds very odd but unless someone can unearth any other documents saying otherwise that’s is how it looks at present.

But whomever holds the responsibility for the cracking walls next to the pavement it would be better if repairs were made soon rather than awaiting further deterioration and the potential for someone being injured by a falling wall.

I have asked Sudell Ward’s new Independent Councillor Matt Gannon to try to assist by raising this within Sefton Council’s Highways Dept. and he has agreed to help.

One thought on “Maghull – A danger on the public highway at Treeview Court?

  1. nigel hunter says:

    Would it be an idea to go searching for problems like these so that the Communities could be involved in campaigning to sort them out?

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