Brexit – A wish for the death penalty and harking back to the past?

The BBC has the story on its web site – see link above

This is interesting and it fits with my thoughts as I have tried to get my head around why many folks voted for Brexit. This particular quote from the piece is telling about Brexit voters:-

“They tended to value things like order, stability and safety against things like openness, modernity and other social-liberal values that were more popular among Remain voters. Often it’s about harking back to the past – sometimes a feeling that they don’t belong to the present.”

I had thought that wanting to almost go back in time, as their rose tinted spectacles were saying to them it was better in the old days, was a factor but the link to capital punishment is chilling indeed.

I suppose Cameron exposed, in his ill judged referendum, that we are now two very different sets of people in the UK and frankly you can’t see much possibility of reconciliation between the two opposing views. It may, to use a Northern Ireland type analogy, have to wait until there are less of us living in the past and more living for the present and future for the situation to be overturned. I hope I live to see that day.

PS. I am often accused of living in the past due to my love of steam locomotives and 1970’s soul music but, even though I clearly have my own pair of rose tinted spectacles, I was in no way persuaded to vote for Brexit.

2 thoughts on “Brexit – A wish for the death penalty and harking back to the past?

  1. Malcolm Gore says:

    It is those who voted to remain who are living in the past and looking through rose tinted glasses at the EU which has had its day. We leavers are looking forward for a safer country for our children in which they are able to determine their own future and live the life we are fortunate to have lived.
    In view of what is currently happening in Europe, every remainer should
    hang their heads in shame. The sooner we leave the better, Deal or No Deal
    Thank God for the wisdom of ordinary people. Thank God for the Tories for giving us a referendum and God save us from the rest of the politicians.

    • We will have to agree to disagree Malcolm. We are so far apart in our views that us debating the matter is without purpose. I believe you are utterly wrong and you think the same of my views. There can be no meeting of minds in such circumstances.

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