Maghull – The Town Council has ‘forgotten’ to cut its hedges yet again!

This problem surfaced last year when a blind chap walked into the uncut hawthorn hedge along Eastway but the hedges here (on both sides of the road) are back again in last year’s overgrown condition. What’s more the hedge along the edge of KGV Park on the A59 (Northway) is in a similar condition.

Here’s a photo I took last Sunday of the hedging along Eastway:-


Click on the photo to enlarge it

Not sure what the problem is but surely Maghull Town Council can cut these hedges regularly so that folks do not have to run the risk of walking into the barbs of hawthorn? I have never seen neighbouring Lydiate Parish Council’s hedges in such a state.

One thought on “Maghull – The Town Council has ‘forgotten’ to cut its hedges yet again!

  1. Desmond Moss says:

    Perfect timing they are out and about cutting grass and hedge today. I understand several people have complained to Pat from Lydiate about the need for residents in Bells Lane to cut back hedges from the main road, these are causing damage to vehicles and forcing drivers into the middle of the road to avoid contact with the hedge. I understand Pat has acknowledged this and is sorting it out.

    Desmond Moss

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