Lydiate – Volunteer litter pickers update

Here’s an update on Lydiate’s very own volunteer litter pickers and their activities:-

Dear all,

Firstly a thank you all for the stalwart work done to date. We have
collected near to 200 bags of rubbish around Lydiate this year. Personally I
can physically see the difference when I walk/cycle around.

Please don’t feel that because I am emailing you I am expecting you to turn
up on Saturday, I think it is good manners to keep anyone who has shown an
interest in keeping Lydiate green and pleasant, to update them as to

So, next Saturday is that time of the month again. May I suggest meeting
again at 11.00 at Lydiate Village Hall [he means Lydiate Village Centre], Lambshear Lane. Barbara at LPC [Lydiate Parish Council], please would you be so kind as to post it on the new bulletins.

As I have said before there are people who like to do their own areas and
there are other areas which are ‘open game’ and a constant litter blight.
These are;

Southport Road – the full length
Liverpool Road
Moss Lane
Bells Lane returning up to Punells Lane.
Northway (I know George likes to do this one) …any footpaths are also a
lovely walk.

For my part, I aim to get to the Scotch Piper for about 1.30 p.m. So as to
not make it too long a day.

I am running short of litter sticks. I have one for a couple of volunteers, but if anyone can bring their own sticks and gloves it would be great. I don’t mind supplying the plastic bags and a smile….

By the way, we are not alone. I notice in the recent Champion paper there is
a similar group set up in Aintree and in Bootle. It is almost becoming a
ground swell of protest about abandoned litter. Mathew Gannon and his wife
are also doing Maghull bits.

May I finally add that I think it is fantastic that the primary schools in
the area are taking an interest in this project. If it is inculcated in
young people’s minds at an early age then the seed is planted for all their

Talking of young ones, young Jack from the Scotch is clearly getting the
bug. He told me he has taken to clearing up by Iceland on Northway. He’ll be
chasing drive-off offenders down the road next!!

See those of you who want to play at 11.00 on Saturday.

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