Switch Island – Confusion and epic amounts of red light jumping

I posted about this worrying matter not so long ago. My original posting is available via the link below:-


Since then I have been watching what goes on via my almost daily travels through this most complicated of junctions. Two things are now clear in my mind.

* The junction is simply too complicated especially for those who do not use it regularly. Getting and staying in the right lane for your chosen destination is clearly an issue with much lane switching going on. Some of that lane switching is highly dangerous as it is often last minute, with no signals and at speed. You come to expect it as a regular user and are on the look out for it but a driver encountering this huge junction for the first time does not know that you have to be lane switching aware. Indeed, those first time or irregular users are probably the ones doing it.

Two particular issues come to mind – not being in the right lane to travel down the M58 from the island and also not finding the right lane for the A59 (northbound) when coming off the M57.

* Speed! Switch Island is a speeders paradise and it leads to a great deal of red light jumping. I see red light jumping every day without fail, often well after a light has changed to red. In my view traffic needs to be brought down to no more than 30mph as it approaches the Island especially off the two motorways that join it. Speed cameras like those at the Liverpool end of the M62 would one way of doing this.

If action is not taken the regularity of accidents will simply continue and lives are clearly at risk. Highways England need to act.

One thought on “Switch Island – Confusion and epic amounts of red light jumping

  1. Maria turner says:

    Agree! There also needs to be more delay time from light changing as soon as you come from dunningsbridge road towards maghull the lights change so quickly allowing traffic from new road ! Also the road from the motorway into new road is only one lane and woefully inadequate , they have made an already bad junction much worse! Maria maghull

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