Altcar – Yes it once had a railway and a station


The photo above is of Altcar & Hillhouse Station on 6th June 1959

Altcar and Hillhouse Station was on the Southport & Cheshire Lines Extension Railway that ran from Aintree Central to Southport Lord Street Stations. Altcar is in the present Borough of West Lancashire. The station was between Lydiate and Mossbridge Stations. It opened on 1st September 1884, closed from 1st January 1917 to 1st April 1919 (due to the First World War) and finally closed altogether on 7th January 1952. A private siding on the site remained in use up until 1960 so the track from the southbound (Aintree) direct remained in place until then.

The people on site in this 1959 photo, as shown above, were part of a rail tour.

Some of the stations along this line were of a unique design and Sefton & Maghull Station (two stations south) was similar to this one.

The site of the station is still undeveloped as it is in a remote rural location. The modern day Cheshire Lines Path/Trans Pennine Trail passes it and the road overbridge that would have been behind the photographer (W A Brown I understand) is still standing and in use.

The photo has scanned from a photo I recently purchased.

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