Lower Alt Wind farm – Update

For those wondering where this long-running project has actually got to here is an update. For clarity it should be remembered that the proposed site is within West Lancs Borough but the land that surrounds it to the east, west and south, is all in Sefton Borough.

HALT poster

Planners at West Lancs Council do not, I understand, expect the planning processes to be completed until October or even November.

It seems that several of the statutory consultees have yet to respond to the planning authority. These include Rural England, English Heritage, NATS and MOD.

If memory serves this has been on-going for over 4 years now and still no planning application has come before the Planning Committee of West Lancs Borough Council for them to decide upon.

The campaign group who oppose the wind farm (HALT) are still active and my own concerns about it being sited on high grade agricultural land still stand.

2 thoughts on “Lower Alt Wind farm – Update

  1. Colin Scales says:

    It will be good for the environment in the long run, we must be able to view the big picture and not cherry pick our opposition to environmental projects just because they are in our back garden. Stinks of hypocrisy

    • My view is that the land in question is high grade agricultural so this is not the place to place concrete footings and service roads for wind turbines even though otherwise I support wind turbines.

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