We all (including companies) need to pay our taxes or public services will suffer.


The Guardian has the story on its web site – see link above.

Those who do not pay their fair share of taxes, be they companies or individuals, are, by their actions in my view, putting public services at risk. They are also by default expecting others to fund those services whilst they take a taxation holiday.

The fact that both the Irish Government and Apple have been pulled up by the EU for participating in what the EU is calling an illegal agreement on taxation is a good thing and shows how effective the EU can be at times in ensuring the right thing is done.

Do I take it that Brexiters will want to ignore this EU intervention?

Thanks to Roy Connell for spotting this story.

5 thoughts on “We all (including companies) need to pay our taxes or public services will suffer.

  1. B says:

    Not ignore, in fact I think it shows why we had to leave the EU and why Ireland needs to leave too.

    Your headline says why: the whole point is that Apple did pay its taxes. It paid all the taxes levied on it by the Irish government.

    The EU is trying to dictate to the Irish government what its tax regime should be.

    This ought to be utterly unconscionable interference in the internal affairs of a nation state. If a nation state can’t decide its own tax code, it is really a nation? It seems to be on the road to just being a federal province.

    It is as if the EU thinks it is the Federal Government in Washington, D.C., and can set minimum taxation levels which the states must follow.

    If Apple had been dodging tax, that would have been one thing. But how can Apple have been dodging tax when even the relevant tax collecting authority says it paid every penny of tax that was due?

    • On that basis you are in effect saying that the country that offers the lowest tax rate is not doing damage to other counties – they are. We can’t live civilised lives and fund public services if we are in a race to the bottom to see which country can charge the lowest taxes. We have to have a taxation relationship with other European counties whereby we not trying to cut each others throats. We can’t live in isolation in a global economy, it makes no sense.

    • Malcolm Gore says:

      I totally agree with B. The E.U. dispute is with Ireland not with Apple. Before long the E.U will want to dictate all taxes and you would be happy to pay them, I don’t think so!! They already set more than half our laws it won’t be long before we will no longer be called the U.K. but become European Zone 25.
      If you bothered to guote anything other than the Guardian, I wouldn’t even wrap my chips in it, you would see Britain booming, economists and prominent leavers admitting they were wrong on the economy and immigration, E.U.trade deals with the U.S. and Canada collapsing, the E.U falling apart, even economic migrants wanting to by pass every other European country to come here, they are not daft, and you still want to remain. If we were not a member of the E.U.now would you want to join it of course you wouldn’ t so why remain in it. It makes no sense

      • We live in very different worlds Malcolm. I am firmly for cooperation with our European neighbours and of course I don’t believe all the nonsense about them telling us what to do. You think my views are off the wall and I think the same of yours I suppose. There is no room for compromise between us, at least not on this subject, – you are a Brexiter I am just the opposite. BTW I am no lover of newspapers and don’t read any of them – obviously I would not even touch the Daily Mail or Sun etc. even if I did read newspapers as I am a bit of a leftie. However, that does not mean that now and again a newspaper story catches the eye of someone who thinks I may like to read it, which is what happened here. I do read Private Eye I would add.

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