Maghull – Home & Bargain and me

I read in the Champion newspaper (14th September edition) that I ‘believe’ that the Maghull branch of Home & Bargains will expand into the soon to be become vacant HSBC bank unit next door to it.

I think something got lost in the translation so to clarify, I already know that Home & Bargains is due to move itself off Westway and into the ‘Square’ itself. I am told this is planned for 12 to 18 months time and that they will take over some vacant units that will be knocked together.

However, on hearing the news about HSBC closing its Maghull Branch (which came out only days after H&B news popped out) I speculated that Home and Bargains may now not need to move as they could, as an alternative, simply expand into the HSBC units.

So it’s not that I ‘believe’ this alternative will happen, its just that it may be considered. Having said that no one really thinks much will happen at the Square anyway and the owners have a lot to do to convince locals that they really are going to do it up and bring in major national retailers.

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