Lydiate volunteer litter pickers update

I am happy to give publicity to this community volunteering group

Next litter picking – Saturday 24 September 11.00 am

Dear All,

How apt to send this email today when the lead story on Radio Merseyside is
Litter dumping!

So, this coming Saturday, the last of each month is our time for giving to
the community. Thank you all for your continued support. I have said it
before but it feels like the ‘deep cleaning’ is done and all we have to do
is the surface litter now.

Those who wish to partake we are meeting outside Lydiate Village Centre at
11.00 am to set off in our various directions;

We have decided to do the full length of Southport Road
again…….well we didn’t decide, I just sort of got told!

Someone told me that the canal towpath has become re-littered (is that even
a word?) and I want to know if anyone fancies doing Pygon’s Hill Lane, which
has never been done before.

For anyone interested we do tend to end up in the region of the Scotch Piper
about 1.30 ish!

Is it just me or has anyone noticed a considerable reduction in litter since
the bin men have stopped emptying those little green boxes and then leave
them upturned so that the rest of the paper and tin can lids can fall onto
the pavement? What common sense.

Look forward to seeing those of you that can make it,


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