Maghull & Prescot – The sad consequence of vandalism

The Liverpool Echo has the Prescot story on its web site – see link above

And in Maghull another sad vandalism story being played out on Liverpool Road South, adjacent to KGV Park, Meadows Leisure Centre and Maghull Town Hall:-


Both these examples show how mindless destruction can blight a community; in Prescot a beautiful piece of street artwork in Maghull the all too familiar smashing up of a bus shelter. I wonder how many bus shelters across Merseyside are smashed up every week? We probably do not want to know the answer as it would be too depressing to hear.

Of course the area around Meadows Leisure Centre and Maghull Town Hall seems to have been a magnet for anti-social behaviour for a while now, an issue I have commented on not so long ago:-

One thought on “Maghull & Prescot – The sad consequence of vandalism

  1. David Bullock says:

    Hmmmm let’s see now

    Field for kids to roam unchallenged
    Fast food outlet
    Off licence

    And we wonder why they are running wild in the evening some of these kids do not even go home from school they get changed in mates house.

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