Where to now for Labour and the left on Merseyside and the UK?


The Liverpool Echo has a story (written just before the announcement that Corbyn had won) which quotes my Lib Dem colleague Cllr. Richard Kemp – see link above.

Trouble is that the Labour membership was not able to vote for a credible alternative candidate to Corbyn as there was no such candidate on the ballot paper; general opinion was that Smith was a poor lightweight in a heavyweight battle.

Even odder, from my perspective, are the comments of Mayor Anderson who to many in Liverpool is a part the problem rather than a part of the solution to the City’s problems! He may well not want to drag Liverpool Labour back to the politics of the 1980’s but he is just one person who sounds to me more and more like a dictator.

The left of British politics is in a mess and Richard Kemp is right that it gives the Tories free reign to do as they please. But you know, in my view, much of what is happening now goes back at least to Blair and his right wing government.

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