Lydiate – Update on volunteer litter picking activities


I attended a meeting of Lydiate Parish Council last night and was pleased to see hear an update on Lydiate’s volunteer litter pickers.

We agreed as a Parish Council to put £250 to one side to assist the volunteer litter pickers with the items they need to purchase to continue their great work in the community.

Below is a report of the last litter picking day:-

It went very well thank you, with more to come.

So this time we collected 11 bin bags of rubbish, covering the areas of;

Southport Road
Lambshear Lane
Part of Moss Lane
Pygons Hill Lane
St Catherine’s Abbey
The Canal bank.

All safely gathered in.

Someone will do Northway and Liverpool Road (I think) this week, and also behind the Weld Blundell pub and some of Moss Lane.

It is hard to put into words quite what an effect this visually has on the
area of Lydiate. What does come out is the expressions of thanks from the
passing public. Incidentally, we are not alone. I have heard there are some
‘lone wolves’ out there who do their own sections of Lydiate. I would love
to know who they are, so that I can both join them to this email so they may
know what else is happening in the area, but also from a practical view so
that we don’t cover ground they are already covering.

I am also aware that the Scouts did a section of the Cheshire Lines, well
done to them as well.

The next joint date then is Saturday 29 October 11.00 meeting at Lydiate
Village Centre at 11.00 (always the last Saturday of the month – same time).

Once again thank you all so much for caring for the surroundings where you
live. It is great to see the difference,

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