Merseyside NHS facing huge cuts with A&E departments being downgraded!


The Liverpool Echo has the story – see link above

Goodness me this a serious issue; our NHS is going to the dogs and we have to fight for it. It’s under great pressure and increased demands so the solution is to cut back its services! That’s the politics of the mad house.

There’s already a petition doing the rounds about A&E cuts at Southport Hospital but Merseycare Trust and Aintree Hospitals Trusts are also slated for cuts. If we don’t fight for the NHS now when will we?

I’m not opposed to sorting out the NHS bureaucracy and reducing management costs and waste but cutting back A&E and direct patient services has to be opposed.

The Southport A&E petition can be accessed via this link:-

Please sign it and indeed other petitions that circulate trying to protect our NHS from such cuts.

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