Netherton – Yet another shooting in Sefton Borough

The Liverpool Echo has the story – see link above

Well they keep on coming but we have not heard much from our Police & Crime Commissioner about what she and her Merseyside Police Force are doing to get on top of these all too often shootings.

It seems time for some high profile reassurance that Merseyside Police are going top get on top of this appalling march towards an American-type gun culture.

2 thoughts on “Netherton – Yet another shooting in Sefton Borough

  1. Mike Hilton says:

    Tony when you mention shootings in Sefton you should also mention the shootings in Southport it is a major part of the borough

    • Indeed Mike and if I have missed any I apologise. I do try to scan the local media often but may have missed some of the shooting incidents in the Borough. This is a big issue in Sefton and indeed across Merseyside.

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