Brexit – MP’s seem to be starting to sober up

Whether you voted in or out in the EU Referendum surely you want to know what the outcome and consequences are when the UK has gone through it’s leaving negotiations.

After all we were only asked whether we wanted to leave or not; the consequences of leaving were speculated on during the referendum campaign and have been talked about since but we don’t actually know what they will be with any clarity.

On that basis I have always felt that we need to look at the deal that comes out of the negotiation process to decided whether it is acceptable or not. And talking to some Leavers they seem to think that too.

Yes of course there are leavers who still would want to leave the EU no matter what the consequences are but I don’t think there are many folks with such an extreme view.

So it’s nice to see that MP’s in the Westminister hothouse that is so cut off from the realities of real life have started to say hang on a minute we need to know what the deal looks like before we go any further.

Now that’s what I call common sense. Otherwise it’s like being asked do you want to go on holiday, to which you reply yes. But then you are told that the holiday will be to Siberia in the dead of winter. Well I would guess that the majority would have second thoughts about that holiday as it’s not the warm Mediterranean one we had in our mind.

Yes I want a say in where we are going to not just a say in where we are leaving from.

2 thoughts on “Brexit – MP’s seem to be starting to sober up

  1. Phil Holden says:

    I understand this entirely legitimate view, Tony. Not sure it’s practical, as a vote against the package would leave us in a strange limbo, depending whether triggering Article 50 means we are definitely leaving (on which I’ve read differing opinions). But what I’m wondering is why didn’t folk campaign for something like this to be built into the original referendum Bill? (Answer – because they thought they knew what the result would be).There’s been a lot of failure to think things through, hasn’t there? And I doubt it’s ended yet!

    • Too right there’s been a failure to think things through. When Cameron found himself with an unexpected majority at the last election he went ahead with the EU Referendum on a wing and a prayer and everything went to hell. Now being a Liberal I would have to remind folks that if we did not have such an unrepresentative electoral system Cameron would not have gained that surprise majority and the mess that we are in would not be a mess. Just saying….

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