Lydiate – More activity on that Green Belt site off Maghull’s Turnbridge Road

No sooner had I posted about the results of the Forestry Commission’s investigations into the unlicensed tree felling on this site, which runs along the side of the Leeds Liverpool Canal, than something else happens. What exactly went on today is unclear though but local residents raised the alarm based on previous troubles with the felling.


What I know. This morning a JCB type vehicle arrived and some work was undertaken on the site. Cllr. Pat O’Hanlon went to check things out this morning and I have been this afternoon. There seem to be around 6 areas of the land where sand has been used to make rough circles on the ground. What purpose the sand circles serve I presently don’t know. Nothing else seems to have happened and as far as I could see no further trees have been removed.


I am aware of vermin issues on the site so could the sand circles be associated with that issue?

Questions will be asked and if I find out anything more I will let folks know.

Note:- The land is presently part of Lydiate’s Green Belt but Sefton Council controversially want it to be released for house building.

2 thoughts on “Lydiate – More activity on that Green Belt site off Maghull’s Turnbridge Road

  1. Keith Bolland says:

    So sick & tired of people just building where they want, no thoughts to the residents, when I moved her in 1967 it was semi rural & beautiful, this building work must be stopped immediately, no more trees being cut down, just leave us alone.
    Bootle just down the road was once a lovely place, also Kirby, I remember my mother telling me about “bluebell wood” it was a woodland & plenty of wild flowers, look at it now, Maghull will go the same way if our elected councillors do not do something to stop it NOW.

  2. Mrs Diamond says:

    A week Monday gone their was a guy with a tri pod and camera taking photos he had a orange jacket on so don’t no what that was about

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