Lydiate – Weld Blundell Pub – Hope for shut down pub?

A planning application has been submitted to Sefton Council with regard to this closed pub which has been shut for some time now and sadly looks quite a mess at present. At the heart of Lydiate, by the village green, locals have been calling for action to be taken to tidy up the run-down building.


The application is for the ‘Erection of a single storey extension and layout of external seating area at the rear of the premises’ .

This is a link to the planning application:-

4 thoughts on “Lydiate – Weld Blundell Pub – Hope for shut down pub?

  1. Neil Thompson says:

    Whaaaaat a change to an existing building in Lydiate that means spades in the ground has anyone objected yet?

  2. Sam Foy says:

    So sad and true however this gang culture is now widespread. In Southport we have had loads of bother recently with gang related crime and vandalism, so much so that the police had to put a no go cordon around a town centre area one weekend where will it all end I wonder.

  3. Frank Jordan says:

    What does it mean. A larger pub restaurant or something else?

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