Me angry and intollerant?

The other day a friend, whom I appreciate the advice of, said to me that they had noticed how angry some of my postings had become since the EU Referendum result. They went on to say words to the effect that my usual tolerance of views differing from mine own seemed to be a little lacking presently.

Well I suppose that’s a reasonable assessment of me. I don’t think I have ever felt so angry about an issue of public policy as I do about the EU Referendum result and yes I have become very intolerant of people who promote leaving the EU. With tolerance being a fundamental tenet of being a liberal am I becoming illiberal? Makes you think doesn’t it.

I don’t think I have ever feared for the future of our country as I do now, we seem to be fundamentally unstable economically and socially. Hate is on the rise, some elements of the press are completely out of self-control, our economy is in a real mess and our attitude to minorities and refugees is utterly frightening. I would say that in a short space of time we have become fearful, inward-looking, mean spirited and intolerant as Country and it is this sea change that has in turn made be angry and intolerant.

It is not the country I grew up in and I want my tolerant, welcoming Country back.

But the other thing my wise friend had to say was that they feared I was venting some of my anger at a section of society whom I perceived had voted in a way that made them look foolish, irresponsible etc. The point being made, I think, was that the people I was angry with had been manipulated over many, many years to the point where the propaganda against the EU, refugees, the poor etc. had become the truth to them.

This later point is interesting in that what was being suggested to me was that just because I try to take an analytical approach to most issues many people don’t. I actually get that and my posting of a few days ago about being lied to addressed this. It is available via the link below:-

And the point of all this? Well I think the advice was stop shouting at folk who have been manipulated by the press, the wealthy and the powerful and try to convince them that hate and fear does not actually help society develop but instead corrupts it terribly. I wonder if I can rise to that challenge when the anger inside is so strong as we seemingly march towards becoming a fascist state?

Can’t promise I will not shout again as sometimes it’s the only thing that keeps me sane, but I do get that being a Liberal means I have to try to reach out to people who stand for things I really, really find distasteful.

One thought on “Me angry and intollerant?

  1. Phil Holden says:

    Well I for one didn’t find your earlier post remotely intolerant: moderately, logically and reasonably expressed as always! Where I only go part way with you is the issue of media manipulation as I think people see through a lot of it. Many people saw the £350M a week as undeliverable (and a lie as it was promised to be spent in several ways). But some of those people still voted Leave, having weighed up the arguments. After all the Osborne prediction of financial armageddon on day 1 after a leave vote was immediately shown up to be the false prophesy that many thought – they saw through it. And, while undoubtedly some Leavers are xenophobes, considering immigration to be out of control and wanting to have at least some control isn’t racist, xenophobic or even unrealistic. But I fear we are both in danger of doing the referendum equivalent of mansplaining. So no, Tony, I only see passion and concern, not anger. And maybe some “libsplaining” to use a term coined by Rod Liddle (not I would guess one of your favourite authors) in the Sunday Times yesterday. But no harm in it!

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