Arriva – Bus sails past pensioner at bus stop

I have always been sceptical about the customer service standards of many bus operators and yesterday I saw something that hardly made me want to change that view, indeed it reinforced it.

It was coming up to 12 noon at the bus stop and shelter in Lydiate’s Southport Road opposite the junction with Nedens Lane. I was stuck in a short queue of traffic heading towards Maghull as there were some temporary traffic lights due to road works.

I saw a retired lady stood at the Southport bound bus stop, she put out her hand to stop a 300 route bus and it flew straight past her with the driver looking determinedly ahead. The bus was not full I might add.

What’s going on Arriva? Why did you leave that lady stood at the bus stop when she wanted to get on your bus? What kind of customer service do you call this?

Note:- I have raised a complaint about this incident directly with Arriva.

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