Highways England! – Oh how I hate them today

Highways England were having another one of their regular crisis issues on the M6 today between junctions 19 and 18 and sadly we were in it!

Goodness knows how long we were in the jam, well over an hour I think but the really frustrating part of it was that we were on our way to funeral in Mansfield, which is about 100 miles away by road from our Merseyside home.

We had allowed 3 3/4 hours for the journey, which takes 2 1/2 on a good day but we had to give up and return home when we finally got off the M6 at Homes Chapel. In fact we got as far as Congleton and turned back. Ironically the first thing we saw after turning back was a funeral party outside a church!

I am the first to stand against hate crime but I am surely guilty of it (by thought anyway) myself today after my unprintable comments about the Highways Agency!

RIP Uncle Doug Depledge, so sorry we could not be there for your send off.

One thought on “Highways England! – Oh how I hate them today

  1. Phil Holden says:

    This is no hate crime, Tony, you have been provoked! But will the LibDems be pressing for more road capacity? The section of the M6 from Knutsford to Stafford is notorious, especially northbound Friday and southbound Sunday. It was bad enough in 2000 when I was doing a weekly commute in the other direction. They don’t even mention it in traffic reports on those days, I suppose because it’s “normal” (though how you’re meant to realise that if it’s not a regular journey I don’t know). There has been an urgent need for more capacity for at least 15 years. It would be a very expensive road to widen – if you remember widening the M5 from 2 to 3 lanes took many years and probably cost a fortune. It’s bizarre that the main road link from Manchester to the M6 south goes through a single carriageway bottleneck at Hoo Green on the A556, though at last a dual carriageway bypass is being built. My solution, advocated after the M6 toll was opened some years ago now, was to continue it all the way north to the M56, going west of Uttoxeter and east of Stoke, on past Jodrell bank and joining the M56 close to Manchester Airport. There’s plenty of space (he said, deliberately giving environmentalists a seizure). A much better investment than HS2 or Hinkley Point. No doubt some opposition from well heeled folk around Alderley Edge but that sort of thing hasn’t stopped HS2….
    Sorry to hear about your uncle, very disappointing for you not to get to his funeral. I have the same emotional conflict as you about the demise of mining – it’s difficult for the communities and I understand the feeling for a bygone way of life but who would want to do such an unpleasant and dangerous job now? And even if they did how could anyone justify asking them to do it?

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