North West Development Agency (NWDA) gone but not forgotten on an Aughton grass verge

The NWDA was abolished by the Coalition Government some 5 years ago. It was a quango giving out Government cash towards worthy infrastructure/economy developing causes across the north west of England.

Like most quangos it was not much loved and few will have mourned or even noticed its demise. So what brings it to mind now?

Well walking along the busy A59 in Aughton, literally on the Sefton/West Lancashire boundary I found this lying in the grass verge:-


It’s glass plaque on a stone plinth saying that a project was supported by the NWDA. So what was the project? It took us a couple of minutes to work it out but it seems it must have been the gateway planting of trees and shrubs on the Sefton – West Lancs boundary. I wonder how that project will have driven the West Lancs economy forward?

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