Launch of SCAR to fight road building plans to access Port of Liverpool

The Sefton Communities Against Roadbuilding (SCAR) Campaign

I mentioned the impending launch of this new web site and organisation not so long ago and here it is – see link above.

There are numerous postings on this blog site about the consequences of the building of the new (Post Panamax)Liverpool 2 Dock. The most recent is available via the link below:-

This is probably the greatest environmental challenge facing the Borough of Sefton right now. As I have said many times before the cart has been constructed before anyone knew where a horse could be found to pull it. In this case the new dock has been built but the transport infrastructure to support it is only being considered now!

Sefton Council has buried its head hoping no one will notice that they should have been leading the public debate. Labour have jumped on a lets build a tunnel band wagon knowing that such a solution is not even on the drawing board of Highways England. But that’s a smoke screen to make it look to the casual observer as though they are doing something, at least that’s what Labour seems to be hoping.

This new residents only group (and that’s interesting in itself i.e. no Bootle councillors) is the voice of communities in Netherton and Litherland who are sick of being ignored. I wish them luck.

2 thoughts on “Launch of SCAR to fight road building plans to access Port of Liverpool

  1. Dave Mather says:

    We need the new road to take the best route no matter where that maybe. Once we free ourselves from European chains we can do business with rest of the world. The economic wellbeing of the nation is paramount and nothing can or will stand in its way least of all a park. Wake up Tony you are flogging a dead horse.

    Dave Mather


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