Maghull Police Station to move to Maghull Town Hall?


Like many people I read the high profile article in this week’s Aintree and Maghull Champion newspaper and wondered why it contained little or no detail about this announcement.

Maghull Police Station in Westway, Maghull.

Maghull Police Station in Westway, Maghull.

If the article had just said ‘Maghull Police Station may move to Maghull Town Hall’ and nothing else we would probably be just as well informed.

Maghull Town Hall

Prior to the article we all knew that Maghull Police Station was slated for closure and that it was likely that the Merseyside Police would in future operate from a shop unit or something similar. Such has been in the public domain for quite some time. My previous postings refer:-

So we now know it is likely to be moving to Maghull Town Hall but we don’t know when this will take place, we don’t know where within the Town Hall, we don’t know whether it will be open to the public etc. etc. What’s more is there a financial arrangement whereby Merseyside Police will rent space off Maghull Town Council. Is the presently closed Youth Coffee Bar the space that will be occupied by the Police? (I certainly hope not). I am sure we can all think of other questions.

Maghull Police Station - Down to becoming disused soon according to Merseyside's Crime and Policing Commissioner.

Maghull Police Station – Down to becoming disused soon according to Merseyside’s Crime and Policing Commissioner.

Don’t get me wrong here I am not having a go at my old chum Jim Sharpe who wrote the Champion article because I am sure that if he had been given any detail he would have included it in the story. No, my issue is with those in power within the Town Council and Merseyside Police who seem to think that saying almost nothing beyond the headline which is of any use to the general public is acceptable – It’s not.

So please put some flesh on the bones and give us all some useful information.

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