Maghull – Campaign to gain a cenotaph for the Town

I lived in Maghull (1968 – 2011) long enough to have heard this talked about before, indeed having Bruce Hubbard as a friend I have often listened to him talk about the Town’s war memorials and war dead.

Readers may recall that I blogged in 2015 about the video Bruce made with St Andrew’s Primary School children about those from Maghull who lost their lives in the 1st World War. Here’s a link to that posting and the YouTube video:-

Now John Sayers, a local councillor for Maghull, is proposing that he and his fellow Maghullians campaign to get a formal cenotaph for the Town.

The Lychgate of St Andrew's Church, Maghull

The Lychgate of St Andrew’s Church, Maghull

The present main war memorial is in reality also the lychgate (I appreciate that there are differing ways of spelling this) to St. Andrew’s Church.

John’s idea sounds like a good one to me although there will be two significant problems to overcome i.e. raising sufficient funds (that could be many thousands of Pounds) and finding a suitable space where it can be erected bearing in mind it would become the place to hold Remembrance Day events in Maghull.

A quick glance at the internet threw up this Heritage Lottery Fund advice/guidance:-

It will be interesting to see how this project develops but with a fair wind you never know.

But for what it is worth my personal view (as an outsider now living in Lydiate) is that the best war memorial I have seen is the very modern one in Lostock Hall, Preston but it may not be to everyone’s taste of course:-


The inside curve of this war memorial carries the names of all the locals who died in the 1st World War from the Lostock Hall area.

The inside curve of this war memorial carries the names of all the locals who died in the 1st World War from the Lostock Hall area.

A close 2nd for me and more local war memorial is in Burscough. It was also recently erected, in this case in remembrance of those who fought from the Royal Naval Air Station of HMS Ringtail. It is right outside the new Booths Supermarket.

Royal naval memorial to those who served at HMS Ringtail, Burscough during WWII

Royal naval memorial to those who served at HMS Ringtail, Burscough during WWII

4 thoughts on “Maghull – Campaign to gain a cenotaph for the Town

  1. Mr Ross Ferguson says:

    Dear Tony
    I have just been reading with interests your article about a possible war memorial for Maghull. As you know I have been trying to have a permanent memorial erected to Moss Side Hospital (somewhere near it’s original site) and it’s vital role in the First World War, perhaps the two projects could be merged? You mentioned a site that could accommodate the memorial and hold Remembrance Day Ceremonies, well surely the site of the proposed new railway station for Maghull could accommodate this in some way?
    Let me know what you think?
    Could you put me in contact with the chap who is trying to get the project off the ground, if you think he would be willing to have a chat with me.
    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Kind Regards
    Ross Ferguson

    • Thanks Ross, the chap pursuing this is a local councillor called John Sayers, I don’t have his contact details but I assume you can get them from Maghull Town Hall. I recall your campaign to get Ashworth/Moss Side Hospital recognised and I support you. Sadly, the powers that be don’t seem keen to get on board for reasons I can’t quite understand. Have you tried to interest the housing developer of the Ashworth South site? Just a thought.

      • Ross Ferguson says:

        Hi Tony
        Thanks for your reply. I’m a little perplexed myself by the councillors lack of interest, perhaps it was good to have their photographs taken alongside Mr Esterson MP when I originally suggested the idea. However, I must say that Councillor Lynn Gatherer was extremely helpful but as you know her term in office has finished.
        The housing developers have been contacted and have agreed to name a few of the roads and streets of the new development after the wards of the former Moss Side Hospital as all names were of trees or birds.
        I will try via the town hall to contact the chap you have suggested.
        Once again thank you for your help.
        Kind Regards
        Ross Ferguson

  2. Paul Butterworth says:

    What a great idea and long overdue it would be great to have it in place for 2018. A great place to site it would be Maghull Town Hall, that way everyone could pay respect in their own way without being put off by a church service

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