Where on earth is Halsnead Park? Yes that’s what I thought too.


The BBC has the story on its web site – see link above

When I saw the list of Garden Villages to be developed obviously Halsnead in Merseyside jumped out at me and I have to confess that despite living on Merseyside for 48 years and travelling all over it this name had never been on my radar at all.

A quick Google search brought up a primary school and a caravan park near Whiston in Knowsley Borough where the M57 and M62 Motorways intersect. Then old chum Keith found a link to the document below on Knowsley Council’s web site and the picture began to emerge.


And I started to wonder because to me the site looks like it should be a part of Merseyside’s Green Belt and ‘should be’ seem to be the important words because I asked my good friend Cllr. Ian Smith of Knowsley Borough Council and this is what he said:-

‘It’s green space taken out of the Greenbelt in 2016. Once again Labour run Knowsley Council is not taking any notice of local people. This area is built up enough without further development. It is adjacent to the Lickers Lane Estate built to take the overflow from Liverpool in the 60s & 70s.
We want to see the Local Plan amended with Halsnead being returned to the Greenbelt. The site should be protected, it includes farm land, woodland, fishing lakes and football pitches, and mobile homes on Halsnead Park.’

3 thoughts on “Where on earth is Halsnead Park? Yes that’s what I thought too.

  1. Ian J moffatt says:

    Isn’t this one of the many Garden Cities that our old chum Cleggy proposed during the last days of the coalition?

  2. Donald Mackay says:

    Absolutely disgraceful that this land has been sold off for housing. Something like 170 hectares of land will be taking 1,600 houses. Further, Foxes Bank Lane will be widened and traffic lights and roundabouts installed. Funnily enough, the plans have to include manmade greenspaces??????. They’ll give the roads names like ‘Pheasent View’, ‘Badgers Way’ and ‘Foxes Hill’ so the ‘townies’ buying them will feel they’re in the country despite seeing nothing but houses whichever window they look out of.

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