Labour – City Mayor and would be Mersey Mayor having a little local difficulty!

The Liverpool Echo has the story – see link above

You just never used to see this; Labour was if nothing else a sealed unit when it came to internal disagreements especially here on Merseyside.

But what started off in Maghull, with more council resignations than you could count as Labour folk kicked lumps out of each other over a 5 year period, then recently spread to Prescot where more internal fall-outs have been taking place I understand. Now, at the very highest level on Merseyside, we see Liverpool’s top Labour man attacking in public the Labour chap who wants to be our first ever Mersey Metro Mayor.

It seems to me that Labour’s almost legendary internal discipline must have all but broken down. Maybe this is symptomatic of the very real internal struggles that Labour is going through nationally? Whatever the case I would never have expected Labour to do their disagreeing via the pages of the Liverpool Echo.

The sad part about this is that Labour’s bust up has been about housing the homeless, which should surely be a priority that we can all agree needs to be tackled.

Cllr. Carl Cashman the up and coming Lib Dem candidate to be Merseyside’s first elected Mayor must be taking great heart from this internal Labour bust up especially as it is on top of Labour losing seat after seat in local council by-elections across the UK. In Sunderland Sandhill yesterday the Labour vote collapsed by 29.9% in a local by-election for another Lib Dem gain!

One thought on “Labour – City Mayor and would be Mersey Mayor having a little local difficulty!

  1. nigel hunter says:

    We can gloat about this BUT we must NEVER end up in bitter wranglings. WE MUST REMAIN UNITED.

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