Sefton Bus Review – The proposals

A shot of the recently lost 311 route

A shot of the recently lost 311 route

The proposals are on Merseytravel’s web site and the link is above.

I have had a quick look at the proposals and two things jumped out at me i.e. the continuing lack of a bus service between Lydiate and Ormskirk (following the loss of the 311 route not so long ago) and on a more mixed note some service improvements to the 236 (now to be renumbered 36), which presently links Lydiate and Maghull, to Fazakerley Hospital. BUT there is a down side to the 236/36 route change in that it will no longer serve Lydiate at all as far as I can see. The significance of both the already lost 311 route and the seeming loss of the 236 to Lydiate is that they both link with local hospitals. This is not good news.

To be honest I and indeed locals who know far more about local bus services and the bus industry generally were expecting much more bad news than in these draft proposals but as I say Lydiate looks to be a loser of here.

I need to get my head around the proposals in more detail though and welcome comments in response to this posting especially if I have got anything wrong.

With thanks to Lydiate Parish Council and Kevin for the lead to this posting.

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