Labour pledges (internal and pretend) hand to hand combat on Brexit

You have to laugh or indeed cry as Labour simply don’t know what to do about Brexit.

They campaigned very meekly (with a few notable exceptions) to Remain but are now backing Brexit and they have held just about every possible position between the two since the EU Referendum. Talk about sitting on a fence and being unable to decide which side to get off!


But who are Labour actually pledging to have ‘HAND-TO-HAND COMBAT’ with? Well themselves obviously as they are desperately split on what to do. But are they really going to have a go at the Tories, whom they now fundamentally seem to agree with with over the principle of Brexit?

As I have said before this will lead to a lot of silly shadow boxing as they try to give the impression that they are opposing whilst actually Labour, Tories and UKIP are all in the same Leave boat.

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