Sefton Rights of Way – Any issues out there?

For my sins (can an atheist sin?) I am a member of this Group which meets on a 3 monthly basis to discuss and highlight issues with the Borough’s public footpath and bridleway network.

Footpath of Bridges Lane in Sefton Village

I represent both Maghull Town and Lydiate Parish Councils on the Group and am happy to take up issues with public rights of way in the two civil parishes and beyond. So if you have any comments to make please get in touch with me.

And whilst on the subject of walking I am presently reading a book by Stuart Maconie called ‘The Pie at Night’ – its all about what those of us Oop North do for fun! I was struck by some comments about the Ramblers Association now re-branded Ramblers. What I did not know was that it grew out of the Communist British Workers Sport Federation. Can I hear any Conservative members of Ramblers laughing at that surprising bit of history?

2 thoughts on “Sefton Rights of Way – Any issues out there?

  1. Dave Williams says:

    I know is nothing to do with your footpath group but have you seen the amount of dog dirt left on the canal towpath? I am referring to the stretch between the Running Horses and Jackson bridge, I was embarrassed to take some American friends along for a walk recently.

    Dave Williams

    • Can’t understand what makes folks allow their dogs to do this without cleaning up after them. Quite a bit of this stretch of the canal is litter picked by Maghull in Bloom volunteers. The canal & River Trust must suffer this all over their network of canals I sadly assume.

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