Building on high grade agricultural land – My letter to the Champion newspaper

The vast Maghull East site as seen from Poverty Lane, Maghull

Dear Sir,

Your headline ‘Plan to Build 1,650 Homes On Farm land’ (Aintree & Maghull Champion 26 04 17) was one of the saddest I have read in a long time.

Sad because the building is to take place on some of the 2% highest grade of agricultural land in England. How on earth can it be environmentally sustainable to build on land that grows our crops and our food?

Yes I know we need housing but surely building on the very best agricultural land is just ridiculous. I realise that previous generations did it as well but how come we have not as a society protected high grade land from building now we know how precious such land really is?

As an environmental campaigner I despair, I really do.

Cllr. Tony Robertson
Lydiate Parish Councillor

3 thoughts on “Building on high grade agricultural land – My letter to the Champion newspaper

  1. Joan broughton says:

    Yes agree 100% , what are the people in power thinking of where are their brains , once built on the power to grow food is lost for ever
    Please maghull councillors think again PLEASE

  2. Keith Brimble says:

    Totally agree with you on that score Tony and we’ll done to everyone who campaigned against the building on this precious land we will be vindicated by future generations. Sadly of late two of Sefton Tory councillors Dutton and Jamieson have been attacking Fragoff on social media, showing their true colours no doubt.

  3. Marie Diamond says:

    We are going to need this land to grow things more so now that we are coming out of the EU we need to be self sufficient like we were in the war

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