Teresa May and that not being willing to engage with us voters

I was struck by this writing in the Independent on-line.

How are we to have any faith in a leader who is expected to enter tough negotiations with the EU yet is too scared to open herself to difficult questioning from her potential voters?

Her “rally” in Leeds took place in a factory where the workforce (who would no doubt would have represented a good cross section of voters) had been sent home and only party faithful invited to meet her and the press. She then had a further “rally” in a community centre in Scotland which had been listed as “a child’s party”, again presumably to avoid difficult questions from the general public who might otherwise have attended.

She refuses to enter into any televised debate with her opponents or questions from the general public. Her television interviews rely on the same repeated “soundbites” rather than any real answers to questions. If she and her party organisers have so little confidence in her ability to withstand difficult questioning, what confidence are we to have in her representation of our interests at the negotiating table.

She and the Tory party are bogged down in a mad ideology which brooks no alternative debate, and which will take this country off the cliff edge.

Kate Hall Leeds

With thanks to Roy Connell for the lead to this posting

Stop Press – It seems she may be relenting to some extent as she is doing a BBC Question Time show as is her shadow Mr Corbyn. On the BBC web site it says – The announcement of the programmes comes after Theresa May said she would not take part in TV debates with Jeremy Corbyn ahead of the general election. The PM’s stance prompted Mr Corbyn to insist he would not take part in any head-to-head TV election debates without Mrs May.

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