Maghull – That rather awkward junction of Dodds Lane and Liverpool Road North

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I nearly came a cropper at this junction earlier today; about 6.45am to be precise. But this junction has in fact long troubled me.

Going back a few years, when I was a Maghull councillor, I asked the traffic engineers at Sefton Council to try to address the difficulties which pedestrians faced when they tried to cross the end of Dodds Lane particularly when walking towards High Pastures GP Surgery. A pedestrian refuge was placed in the middle of the wide throated junction which clearly helps but pedestrians still can’t see what’s coming at them from along Dodds Lane because of the curvature of the Lane. So things are still far from ideal but this posting is about another problem i.e. the one that I encountered this morning.

What tends to happen throughout the day is that drivers of vehicles tend to stop within the junction to run into the GP surgery with a repeat prescription or such like. On the odd occasion I have seen a vehicle left there for quite some time. Trouble is vehicles turning into Dodds Lane from the Lydiate direction do not know there’s a car parked there until they have turned the corner and are more or less right on top of it. Bring the pedestrian refuge with its illuminated bollard into play as well and getting past such a parked car car be difficult at times.

Today the driver was in the parked car and opened the drivers door as I was trying to squeeze past. It could have been a car with only 3 doors had I not hit the brakes hard!

But I wonder what others think about this junction and the issues I have raised both previously and indeed today? Would it help for more resrictions to be placed outside the GP surgery on the corner for example?

6 thoughts on “Maghull – That rather awkward junction of Dodds Lane and Liverpool Road North

  1. Martyn Ball says:

    Tony. I totally agree. It is the lazy and irresponsible drivers who park directly outside High Pastures. Often they have a blue badge and that means you are immune from being a sensible driver.

  2. Ross says:

    I think you will find that this is a problem throughout Maghull e.g. Deyes Lane shops, people are either completely unaware that parking very close to a junction causes a visual obstruction to drivers and pedestrians alike or they are just ignorant and selfish. These drivers don’t appear to consider or just selfishly choose to ignore why ‘double yellow lines’ are placed in specific areas, after all, they are the ones causing the hazards but not the ones having to negotiate the hazards, so why should they be bothered.
    Whilst I agree that some junctions do need attention to help reduce risk, but in my opinion, some of our local drivers need to be more considerate and stop parking anywhere they please.

  3. Marie Diamond says:

    Their is no problem with the junction its people dropping off patient and picking them up so when you turn into Dodds lane their is a parked car the doctors should put up a notice saying don’t drop off outside of surgery

  4. Liz Stewart says:

    Hate crossing at that junction. Possibly it is because I witnessed a terrible death of a baby in a pram 40 years ago,but the memory never goes away.I usually walk up Dodds lane for about 20/30 feet so as I am not standing on the corner.

  5. Edie pope says:

    Walking with the high pram from Lydiate to Maghull square it’s very hard crossing the junction Tony xx

  6. Phil Holden says:

    It’s a difficult junction Tony but you might be surprised to hear it was even worse back in the 1960s. Back then coming out of Dodds Lane it was almost as blind then as the Station Road- Hall Lane junction by Maricourt school. The current layout is much more open. I got knocked down by a car on Liverpool Road very close to there aged about 8 – fortunately it just clipped me. Mind I had run out from behind a bus…..
    It’s not a great place for a doctor’s surgery but then parking at the Health Centre near the Square isn’t great. You may recall we had quite a bit of trouble trying to find an alternative GP for Uncle Albert: access at High pastures and several other surgeries just wasn’t any good for disabled people dropped off by taxi.
    More grist to my mill that the whole Central Square area should be demolished to allow some proper modern facilities to be built!

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