Lunt – Fly-Tipping – It goes on and on and on!

I cycled through Lunt and its back lanes the other day and this is the sight that met me.

Sadly this is very far from being a new problem and the poor old residents of Lunt Village have had to put up with such illegal activities for many years. Of course Sefton Council is a victim too, as are local land owners, who have to keep clearing it all up.

A fellow cyclist was also passing through and he suggested what needs to be done to fly-tippers when they are caught. Of course as a Liberal I do not believe in executing people.

Seriously, councils and the Environment Agency really do have to get to grip with this ever expanding problem that is both blighting countryside and urban areas. Continuing to do what has always been done is clearly not working at all.

One thought on “Lunt – Fly-Tipping – It goes on and on and on!

  1. Mrs Loraine Wright says:

    Think a lot of the fly tipping has been since Sefton tip will not allow vans to tip rubbish unless they have a permit.
    When vans and cars were allowed to tip rubbish we didn’t have the fly tipping that we have now.
    Think it’s costing the council more more to clean up after the fly tippers than it would if they scrapped the permits.

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