Billinge – Who’d of thought it on a Parish Council?

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I’ve been a parish councillor since 1985 and whilst meeting some rather eccentric parish councillors in my time I have always found the vast majority of my fellow parish councillors to be decent folk.

Because of the nature of parish councils being small local affairs I have come across some councillors who think that the world ends at their parish boundary, or who don’t seem to understand what a parish council can and can’t do or who don’t seem to get how they should interact with the public who attend their meetings.

It’s perfectly legal for anyone to attend a parish council meeting and film it but I have heard of some parish councils who don’t like this and try to stop it. They don’t realise or don’t care that they are acting outside the law.

It’s also the case that sometimes a member of the public can turn up to a meeting and during the public participation part of it can be aggressive and difficult. Such rare events need a strong meeting chairman to handle things without a shouting match having to be the consequence.

I suppose what I am saying is that to be a parish councillor you need to be able to get along with folks especially those whom you disagree with.

One thought on “Billinge – Who’d of thought it on a Parish Council?

  1. Neil says:

    St Helens politics never changes

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