Maghull – Two Home Bargains Stores!

Well so it seems with one moving from its present site on Westway into Maghull Square and a new one opening in August on the site of the former Maghull Library.

The floor area of the new store looks to be slightly bigger than the one to be relocated in the Square so a slightly larger range of products can be envisaged but this means that two quite similar stores will be being run within a few hundred yards of each other.

Are you, like me, wondering if there is a an interesting back-story to this situation or is just that Maghull can’t get enough of Home Bargains and only two stores will meet the demand?

6 thoughts on “Maghull – Two Home Bargains Stores!

  1. Edie pope says:

    The library one is furniture and homewares but very concerned about the back of the building Tony scallies can climb up onto that roof and fall through it I can see Mega problems , maybe wrong ,wait and see , the home bargains in the square where it is all boarded up is a home bargain general and I believe HSBC and the little home bargains is going to be a 24 ht gym xc

  2. S Noble says:

    Why do we need two Home Bargains , what a waste of good space and money , why not a Tesco express or a M&S food shop , we are becoming another cheap town like Kirkby or a south Liverpool suburb like Garston , the town is being overrun by charity shops , cheap shops like B&M , H.B , and card shops , and with only one recognisable bank , Maghull has become a toilet . PATHETIC.

  3. Margaret malkin says:

    I can remember home bargains opening on Walton vale in the 70’s,,,I used to walk to it from Hawthorne road in bootle pushing my baby in its pray!
    Cheques were payable to T J Morris,,,not sure if this person was a one person company,,what I will say though is home bargains has gone from strength to strength over the years ,,,all stock is branded names and at very competitive prices,,,no roll backs on items like the supermarkets kidi us with,,
    Who everT J Morris is ,,as far as I’m concerned he’s a good business man ,has a great company and it’s lovely to see such a successful business as home bargains ,, the more stores available to the public ,the better ,,its always my first option, long may it continue to be a great shop !

  4. Kenzu says:

    An ALdi would be better in Maghull than homebargain!

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