Brexit – What on earth are Labour up to?

Tim Farron my party leader sent me this e-mail yesterday:-

Tonight, in the House of Commons MPs voted on an amendment to the Queen’s Speech that would have kept us in the Single Market.

All Twelve Liberal Democrat MPs voted in favour. As did 89 MPs from other parties.

Unfortunately, Jeremy Corbyn ordered his MPs to abstain – and as a result, the amendment was defeated by 221 votes.

I wish I could say I was surprised. But once again, Jeremy Corbyn has shown his true colours.

Yet again, he has forced Labour MPs to back a Tory hard Brexit.

On the most important issue of the day, Jeremy Corbyn ordered his MPs to sit on their hands.

I’m sorry we didn’t win tonight’s vote.

Thank you for all your support and commitment – together, we have kept our membership of the single market on the table.

Tonight’s vote isn’t the end of our campaign. The single market is so important, for jobs, for our economy and for our future.

We have to keep on fighting. We have to persuade this Conservative Brexit Government and their staunchest ally, Jeremy Corbyn, to change course. Before it’s too late.

Thank you,

Tim Farron

Leader of the Liberal Democrats

I have also seen Labour’s Deputy Leader Tom Watson being cornered on Channel 4 News and asked what the difference is between Labour’s policy on Brexit and that being pursued by the Tories. He could not answer and responded by saying that he did not know what the Tory policy was, or words to that effect. Trouble for him is he could easily have been talking about Labour’s Brexit policy muddle!

Pleased to see that some Labour MP’s defied the Corbyn whip and voted to keep us in the Single Market though.

3 thoughts on “Brexit – What on earth are Labour up to?

  1. nigel hunter says:

    The young have been conned by Corbyn. This must be corrected by telling them. They will be the losers otherwise.

  2. Bill Honeyman says:

    Tony. Information on Aintree Village
    Do you know that Sefton Council are not extending the existing 5 year lease for Aintree Youth and Community Centre and they(AYCC) have been given two months NOTICE by this Council.
    This Tony by the way is not fake information.
    AYCC will be waiting to see what happens to this building ????
    Now also heard the council have arranged a meeting at the Centre to apply the process to take back the building and may be AYCC will able to find out what the council thoughts are on Tuesday 4th July.

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