Maghull – It’s first Micro-Pub – Planning Permission Deferred

Another Maghull issue on the agenda of Sefton Council’s Planning Committee last night was with regard to the provision, or not, of Maghull’s first micro-pub on Liverpool Road South at the Woodend Shops. In fact it will be within the present Coffee Shop should it eventually get planning approval.

There was a resident’s petition raising concerns about the application and Jenny Wignall spoke to it on behalf of the petitioners. Like June Avery before her (regarding the Turnbridge Road site) she spoke really well despite being quite nervous about doing so.

Jenny Wignall address Planning Committee in Bootle Town Hall

After she spoke a representative of the applicant responded to the concerns Jenny had raised but things started to get very complicated regarding issues of detail about the application as opening times were unclear or had possibly changed/been incorrectly recorded.

I had to leave the meeting at this point so picked up on the outcome of the debate later on.

It seems, according to what I have been told, that the debate about opening times was not clarifying things to the satisfaction of the Planning Committee and it led to the matter being deferred so that the disputed/unclear aspects of the application could be resolved between the applicant and planning officers of the Council.

I also understand that the respondent for the applicant was from CAMRA – The Campaign for Real Ale. If I have anything wrong here please shout as I am more than happy to correct any misunderstandings.

2 thoughts on “Maghull – It’s first Micro-Pub – Planning Permission Deferred

  1. Nick Burke says:

    A shame, again, as an enterprise to keep life and trading to the area is stalled.
    As I understand the hours are 16.00 to 21.00 Thursday to Saturday and as a micro pub would not attract more traffic or noise. I do live locally to Woodend- literally 75 yards as the crow flies. Do the objectors know what a micropub is- The Statin at Formby has no issues and serves the community- this place should do the same.

  2. John griffith says:

    I agree with nick. For the doubters, go and visit a micro pub – formby, the Liverpool pigeon in crosby, cask of queens drive, etc.. there are no issues. They attract ale enthusiasts, not alcohol enthusiasts. And everyone’S packed up and off home to bed at 9pm.. noise is minimal – no more than is made at a cafe by day. Let’s get it open and let’s spend our money in a local family business.

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