Birkdale – It’s tramway into Southport – An historic photo

Whilst at the Merseyside Transport Trust Open Day on 9th July I came across and purchased this photo of a horse drawn tram in Birkdale:-

Is this shot taken on Cemetery Road, Southport? Can it be dated by anyone?

Click on the scanned photo to enlarge it

The photo is also amongst my Flickr photos at:-

Here are links to my previous postings about Southport’s long-gone trams:-

Sadly since my May 2014 posting about Southport’s Pier Tram it has also ceased to run and been disposed of. I understand this was said to be the result of it being too heavy for the aging pier.

BTW – Are the 3 chaps in the photo my old friends and Birkdale Ward Councillors, Richard Hands, Simon Shaw and Iain Brodie Brown?:-)))

2 thoughts on “Birkdale – It’s tramway into Southport – An historic photo

  1. Mark Bearton says:

    Unlikely to be Cemetry Road as the route taken by that tram service was Eastbank Street, Scarisbrick New Road, Sefton Street (the depot was on Banastre Road), Moseley Street then Everton Road to Liverpool Road

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