Maghull – That Cricket Club affair – Done and dusted?

I commented a few days ago about the bizarre dispute (and the context of it) between Maghull Town Council and Maghull Cricket Club whereby the Council seemed to be after the Clubs money by way of increased payments to the Council.

A large paid for advert trying to sell the lease of the land appeared in the Aintree & Maghull Champion on 26th July in the Council’s name but the following edition of the paper, dated 2nd August, said that a deal between the Club and Council was close. Bearing in mind that the paper, for editorial purposes, was probably complete by Monday 31st July and that the previous week’s paper had not been completely delivered until Friday 28th July, what on earth went on over the weekend?

Is the lease still for sale? Who made a bid for the lease? What will happen to any bids/expressions of interest that come in? Was the advert just a negotiating ploy and how much did the advert cost Council tax payers?

Whatever the background to this odd situation the Council hardly comes up smelling of roses, does it?

In my view having successful sporting clubs at the heart of the community is vital and this dispute, which has been all over the pages of our local newspaper, has been in the interest of no one.

I do hope things can settle down in Maghull and that the Town Council can look at local clubs and societies as something to be nurtured rather than organisations to gain rent from.

And finally, what about the view that because some of the club’s membership does not live in Maghull that this is an issue? To me it’s not an issue at all. That a successful community organisation is based in Maghull and that it attracts people from a wide area is to be celebrated not looked upon as being a problem. Maghull does not exist in a Brexit-type bubble with defendable borders for goodness sake!

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