Rimrose Valley Country Park to have dual carriageway road built through it!

Rimrose Valley Country Park map.


Truly horrifying news for the environment – see link above to the Rimrose Valley Friends web site which has the story as it looks today.

Idyllic view of Rimrose Valley Country Park

Time for Sefton Council to come out from behind its sofa and fight this plan. For too long Sefton has acted as though it was all but disinterested in the matter. Apart from jumping on a band wagon to suggest the new road be put in a tunnel as an alternative to wrecking the Rimrose Valley Country Park, what else has Sefton done?

And here’s a petition to sign if you would be so kind:-


One thought on “Rimrose Valley Country Park to have dual carriageway road built through it!

  1. C R Salter says:

    I am absolutely appalled about the bad news of the new road in Rimrose Valley. I see they are going to build a new traffic island where it will meet the new Brooms Cross Road ‘ Appalling bad planning.Why was the island not built at the same time as the new road to Switch Island was built as it was obvious the plan as it now stands was going to happen. I cannot understand what will happen at the Seaforth end .It would appear that some of the houses built in the last few years will have to be demolished.Again disgraceful bad planning. Hard luck to those houseowners. Complete and utter waste of money..How will the traffic get on to Churchill Way on the way to the dock it will be a night mare at this junction as the traffic from Beach Road estate where I live is growing all the time plus the wagons from the new road will create I am sure lots of congestion.Also as a keen cyclist I trust allowance will be made for the safety of cyclists at the new Island at Brooms Cross road

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