How Canada became an education superpower

The BBC web site has the story – see link above

This is an interesting read in many ways and it makes you wonder why our UK education standards are generally so low when other western societies, like Canada, seem to have cracked it.

Could it be that our centralised control model (one size fits all) just does not work and that Canada via its far more decentralised processes finds ways to make education work for virtually all its young people?

2 thoughts on “How Canada became an education superpower

  1. Phil Holden says:

    Interesting indeed. I could believe that uniformity might be one reason holding us back. Of course, whenever new initiatives have been brought forward by governments of any colour (Labour with Adonis under Blair and Brown, then the coalition and Tories) the educational establishment always resists. They hate academies and free schools or anything that reduces control by the producer driven interests of their cosy elite. Like other elites, I think they have a lot to answer for when it comes to our unimpressive performance compared with international benchmarks. How to fix it is another matter

    • By our political nature we tend to distrust decentralised structures in the UK which has always been to our detriment in my view. Do we like being told what to do (except by the EU who don’t tell us what to do despite what the right wing press say) because we distrust ourselves? Is it too hard to resolve issues ourselves and too easy to be able to blame someone else? Education is a poor but highly political football and every government thinks it has the answer – usually you can bet it does not. My solution would be more local control, no religion. I am distrustful of local authority dominance in local control though – dead hand and all that. I agree that political structures can stifle innovation as they want things to look like them. Sensible parent power can and does work in many places but just look at Knowsley Borough! Bottom of virtually every education league and no one has found the solution there despite huge amounts of public money being tipped in.

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