Marple Liberal Club sign, a chap called Winstanley & the Granada TV programme ‘This is your Right’

A recent trip over to the Marple area of Stockport Borough walking the Peak Forest Canal tow path and footpaths around the River Goyt ended up with a meal and drink in the Ring-O-Bells Pub where my eyes lighted upon this:-

Well to an old Liberal like me this was fascinating so I asked the landlord about why it was on this pub wall. He told me that after the old Liberal Club had been redeveloped the sign was chucked away but it had been rescued and is now held by Marple Civic Society and displayed for them in his Ring-O-Bells Pub.

A subsequent Google search revealed this:-

In turn the photo of the former Liberal Club (accessible via the link above), where you can see the sign above the upstairs window, brought up a name I had not heard for a long time but whom I recall watching on TV in the 1970’s. The name? Winstanley.

Dr. Michael Winstanley was a Liberal MP for the Marple area (Cheadle and the subsequently Hazel Grove Constituencies – from March 1966 to September 1974) but I knew him as the presenter of a Granada TV show called ‘This is your Right’ which, if I recall correctly, was on just before the 6pm news on weekdays. Looking back it was an innovative TV show as it was the forerunner of numerous consumer rights programmes which have followed it. In fact the programme ran from 1972 to 1986 (much later than I thought) and it was a five-minute consumer advice and legal rights bulletin.

So a lovely walk with Sheila and friends brought back unexpected memories of a TV programme sandwiched between children’s shows and the 6 o’clock news and a Liberal MP before my time as a Party member and activist.

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