Public Transport Complaints on Merseyside – This is what to do

Do you ever have a gripe with a train or bus operator? Well if you do Merseytravel (our local public sector transport committee) have an e-mail address via which you can make your views/concerns known.

Comments or complaints relating to a particular bus service or specific transport related matter should be directed to Merseytravel’s comments system;

It will then, I am told, be referred to the appropriate Merseytravel department or commercial operator.

With thanks to Cllr. John Dodd for the lead to this posting

9 thoughts on “Public Transport Complaints on Merseyside – This is what to do

  1. Lesley Parry says:

    I would like to make a complaint about a buss pass u was refused in spite of getting one for two years lesleyparry

  2. I would like to make a complaint about htl bus 102 I was getting on the bus on sunday on the 2/08/2020 around sevenish amI was travaling to alderhay hospital were i get the second bus to st helens as I stepped on the bus I sad to the driver alderhay please I only had a 2 pond coin and a 1oe pond coin together making 3 pounds the drive I found was rude and very confrontational because he said that two pounds ten I said its ok theres three-pound there he said he couldn’t give any change because of the virus so a replyed I am due to start work at 8 he said thats, not my problem I said look I am only trying to get to work he said so am i it confused me so he was determined not to let me on the bus so it left me stranded after coming out of isolation for up 4 months and listening to speeches like were all in this together I ended up paying for a privet taxi from delta from where I live to where I work I was late and had to pay £18.60 fare i have never ever felt so descusted buy the way i have been treated and left out of pocket buy nearly £20 for a one way travel i am only on a 16 hour contract and this amount has caused me sever money problems for the rest of all next weeks bus travel to work.

  3. I work B & M warehouse, they have changed the shift from 6.00am to 3.00 pm 2nd shift is from 3pm to 11.00 p.m. there is no bus for us. As I am unable to afford car, I am depending on public transport. Why you have withdrawn bus, which you run in the midnight. I request you kindly one bus you should run for factory people 5.00 am and after 11.00 other bus should be 11.30 p.m

  4. John Douglas says:

    Why reduce train time talble.crearly there is plenty of people trying to get to work ,also christmas shoppers,its beggers belief we have to get on packd trains how is this helping ???

  5. Tracy says:

    I have to travel regularly on the 133 bus service from Maghull to Crosby and the bus is absolutely filthy! Caked in dust and dirt. In this current climate they are also allowing people on without masks. Nobody is being challenged and I feel so unsafe. I am having to speak to my boss about working from home but it is difficult as I work in logistics. A woman was coughing everywhere this morning with no mask on. I know the bus is not deep cleaned or sanitized in any way. Tje bus has not been cleaned for years. I have pics of the dust and dirt. Imagine the germs and diseases that linger on this bus and we have to touch various parts in order to press the bell and get on and off the bus. I’m horrified and dismayed that HTL are exposing the public to this and also their drivers. People are dying and they act like cleanliness doesn’ matter! This needs addressing urgently as this company is almost certainly a vector for disease and the 133 is especially dangerous to all who travel on it!

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