Skelmersdale – Putting it back on the railway map?

The Liverpool Echo has the story on its web site – see link above

I have covered this project previously and whilst I know that some Lancashire folk are highly sceptical of the £300m+ new railway line and Skem station ever being funded this is clearly another, if small, milestone along the right track.

Here’s a shot of the old and now long gone former Skelmersdale Station:-

The old Skelmersdale Station – now long gone in the name of 1950’s/60’s progress!

And here’s a couple of shots taken at Rainford Junction Station (there is no junction now):-

And finally a shot at Kirkby Station (the subject of a future posting of mine) where the present line from Wigan meets head on with Merseyrail’s electric service to/from Liverpool:-

End of the line from Wigan, the Merseyrail service to Liverpool is accessed under the bridge.

NoteThe last trains to Skelmersdale ran on Sunday 4 November 1956 and the station closed to passengers on Monday 5 November 1956. Skelmersdale station remained open for goods services until 4 November 1963 when it was closed completely. Information from Disused Stations UK.

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The last photo is amongst my Flickr shots at:-

2 thoughts on “Skelmersdale – Putting it back on the railway map?

  1. Andrew Blevin says:

    Hi Tony been looking at your history of the old skem station on your forum found it very interesting. As I live in Skem now(last 6 years) & having an interest in everything railways I was thinking wouldn’t it be good if the old line from skem to Ormskirk could be opened up again as some sort of cycling/walking route?as many have been up & down the country. I guess there might be a lot of red tape involved & money! As old line passes through private land but could be possible in future maybe?

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