Religion – Young folk are turning their back on it

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Evan I, as an atheist, was surprised by these stats. Our world is changing very fast indeed but of course it also begs the question as to what religion and its more acceptable values are being replaced with. You see whilst being an atheist I do appreciate that many religious folk do a lot of good particularly in terms charitable works.

Our society needs values to aspire to yet I fear it is becoming more selfish and insular whilst losing its religion. This is both a challenge and an opportunity.

One thought on “Religion – Young folk are turning their back on it

  1. nigel hunter says:

    There has been many attacks on charity giving. It is a necessary part of modern society and a way to show compassion, it must not be lost.
    Society is getting nastier, searching for new values,tried and tested old values, identity does not seem to be on peoples minds.
    The God money, hedonism is taking over.We are lost confused not yet identifying new (or old) values

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